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TWO men, ONE intimate body suit | THE WISHLIST

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Welcome to The Wishlist! A show where Steve shows off the weirdest stuff he could find on the app, Wish! NOT SPONSORED! This company is crowd-fundingly fueled. Help us dye Elliott's hair by reaching 5000 patrons: https://www.patreon.com/thevalleyfolk ! How 'Bout A NEW PEANUT BUTTER SPOON SHIRT: https://store.dftba.com/collections/the-valleyfolk Valleyfolk P.O. Box 15445 Ventura Blvd. Suite 976 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Music/SFX: If you like our sounds, sign up for ONE FREE MONTH on us at Epidemic Sound! Over 30,000 songs: http://share.epidemicsound.com/n96pc Follow The Valleyfolk across the digital globe: http://twitter.com/TheValleyfolk http://instagram.com/TheValleyfolk http://facebook.com/TheValleyfolk Follow the quartet on their personal socials: Joe Bereta: http://twitter.com/JoeBereta http://instagram.com/joebereta Elliott Morgan: http://twitter.com/elliottcmorgan http://instagram.com/elliottmorgan Lee Newton: http://twitter.com/LeeNewtonSays http://instagram.com/leenewton Steve Zaragoza: http://twitter.com/stevezaragoza http://instagram.com/stevezaragoza Shooter: Kevin Plachy Edit: Daren Girdner Set: Alana Fickes Take THAT Try Guys.
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Text Comments (614)
The Valleyfolk (23 days ago)
Give us suggestions on how we should do future episodes! Themes? Challenges? Etc... GO!
Camille Collins (20 days ago)
weird card/board games from the dollar store
Absolutely Average (21 days ago)
Peanut butter eating contest. Each of you gets a jar of peanut butter and no water. Just seewho lasts longer 🤷‍♀️
pain the insane (22 days ago)
a chill vid where you guys play a game together like slamwich.
milbelle (22 days ago)
The Valleyfolk u should do like haunted stuff or those dumb mystery box things
Pip pip Hooray (22 days ago)
Hear me out, wedding dresses
Kathryn Johnson (23 hours ago)
Please can I have some more Sirs?
Lucía Bermúdez (2 days ago)
Omg... im crying 🤣🤣🤣
Wandering Jackalope (2 days ago)
I have had just a flat-out bad day. So many terrible things happened. But, this video made me laugh harder than I have in several weeks. I peed my spanx from laughing too hard and I’m totally cool with that, because it meant that I had a bright spot in this day. Thank you.
sjmodderhug (2 days ago)
I honestly haven't laughed that hard in years. The Valleyfolk struggle face will have me crying every time
VivTheWickedAwesome (3 days ago)
The whole episode was a gem, but the scene of them all in the sexy stocking would have been so much better if it was just that singular clip uploaded alone. No context
AiiCii (3 days ago)
wish is so unethical??
Little Bones (5 days ago)
Love love love love
Micheal Kerr (6 days ago)
OMG! I have a headache from laughing so freakin' hard.
Alex Hartung (8 days ago)
New favorite show for sure
regularwonderland (8 days ago)
That bodysuit = ACTUAL tears. Jesus Christ.
Megan Young (9 days ago)
51 seconds in and i'm obsessed
Andrew J A Lee (9 days ago)
Best thing since Santa Steve my god this the hardest I’ve laughed all year!!! Please more crazy mailtime! 🤣☠️📦
lboyzo98 (9 days ago)
Steve's set lightly smells like sprinkles
Vincent Ianniello (10 days ago)
Why does this have so few views. This is the height of prop comedy.
Tobias Kelly (12 days ago)
Plz plz plz do more of these
Amanda Alexandre (12 days ago)
I would kill to see a Valleyfolk and Try Guys collaboration!!!
TheDarkLord204 (14 days ago)
I lost it when they used the body suit!
Zoe Hanna (14 days ago)
steve: if you’re a boy or girl... me: 😔 steve: ... or a non-binary me: 🤠
Erika Johnson (14 days ago)
only at 2:44 and I'm laughing so hard I'm crying- not sure if I'm laughing so hard because I'm drunk or it's just that funny. Either way, I'm in love with this video.
Reichiru (15 days ago)
omg I live for this shit
murphy59 (15 days ago)
I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Well done.
BoydOfPray (16 days ago)
You guys emerging from that contraption should be made into a gif. And/or show intro.
Benjamin Blackman (16 days ago)
Its like if try guys and mythacal morning had a baby
Nick (16 days ago)
You guys need to do a version of "Hot ones", where you eat wings that just get hotter and hotter until you reach a breaking point.
Gravity Mars (16 days ago)
I’m sure i’m not the first to comment about this but goddamn small things like mentioning nonbinary people in the first minute of ur vid totally made my day. I’ve always found u guys to be very accepting about stuff like that but it never ceases to warm my queer little heart, it honestly means the world to hear some recognition/support/representation from creators u don’t expect it from. It shows that there are people outside of the lgbtq+ community who really do see us all year round
Gravity Mars (16 days ago)
I really wish i had seen this episode when it was released so u guys could’ve seen this comment to know how much that is really appreciated. Had no internet for two weeks and this is a very great first vid to come back to :)
Catherine Hicks (16 days ago)
This is my favorite video of all time.
AlexTaffyBalls (17 days ago)
dildos, enough said
renizzle11 (17 days ago)
Take that, Try Guys!
brina may (17 days ago)
I feel like I need another like hour of Elliot trying to get out of the sack of love 😅😅😅
Luke Pilot (18 days ago)
Could have died due to asphyxiation from laughing too hard at this.
darklightning66 (18 days ago)
*eyes wander to Steve’s package* .... nice
Sophie Adams (18 days ago)
The suit made me cry tears of laughter. Please make more Elliott & Steve content!
peat (19 days ago)
make your jam challenge
Max Zilla (19 days ago)
Is this the first episode of The Wishlist? I feel like I'm missing out on a couple of videos...
Gianfranc Pipitone (19 days ago)
The mask and the frog eyes was line reverse ninja turtles
Caitlin A (19 days ago)
cannot stop laughing at elliotts face in the stocking...it is actually hurting me
jessejumps (19 days ago)
I laughed, I cried.
Cleanuponaisle11 (20 days ago)
Thanks for putting that suit on. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!
Joey McBride (20 days ago)
Each person gets 20 dollars to buy whatever they want (the 20 includes shipping) and the person opposite of them has to guess the items name. 1 point if they're in the ballpark 2 points if they're close 3 points if they nail it. Whoever has the most points wins.
notsosxechris (20 days ago)
That was everything I thought it'd be and more.
wastedMB (20 days ago)
I laughed so much that it hurt lolol
Tricia Martin (20 days ago)
This is the funniest thing I’ve seen on YouTube in a really long time. I’m dying.
Hannah Schobert (20 days ago)
My new favorite YouTube series thank you
The Sissy Boo (20 days ago)
goddamn this was good
Alex (20 days ago)
is that a mic pack or are you just pleased to see me?!
MarcusIsI (20 days ago)
Now THIS is content
Random 0 (21 days ago)
Next GMM
theNomad (21 days ago)
I haven't laughed this hard in years. I was crippled with laughter and tears. God damn.
Crystal KayNine (21 days ago)
Try Guys and valleyfolk when?
bkzwolf (21 days ago)
The first one instantly turns you into Steve Buscemi! 8D
Taryn Murphy (21 days ago)
You guys should have a show and tell type competition where you each have a budget of $10 or something and compete to see who can find the weirdest thing on wish.
Dayze Knight (21 days ago)
If this is an on going series, please have Shayne or Courtney or anyone from smosh join you Stee.
Actinium Lizard (21 days ago)
You should by another one of those "stockings" and spend 24 hours in it. If you hate yourselves enough..
Emily Erickson (21 days ago)
There's wedding dresses on Wish. Just putting that out there.
1HalfbloodPrince (21 days ago)
this.......was amazing. I need to see more of the outtakes on this one.
Cammie Polack (21 days ago)
Well I literally cried from laughing while watching this at work. Blame you guys if I get fired XD
Eric Zayas (21 days ago)
Good shit
Ken Guidry (21 days ago)
Stee's laugh is everything
Milo Vasquez (22 days ago)
This would be great but we all know it takes 20 years for wish to actually arrive
andyouwereacrow (22 days ago)
7:10 I felt like I was watching the most violent birthing video
Sally Aquin (22 days ago)
God damn, thank you so much for this video 😂😂😂 Elliott in that tube was just the absolute best start to my day
Ryan Randalls (22 days ago)
Get each other a WISH outfit to go out in! 🤣😂
AwkwardMonster (22 days ago)
This is better than I would have ever imagined
Moonshine (22 days ago)
This has got to be the best thing I’ve seen on the internet so far.
strawberry.stitches (22 days ago)
If the Valley Folk were Try Guys... Joe would be Ned. Fatherly figures with stories that have a message but delivered with humor. They are the rock steady foundation to the groups. Lee would be Keith. Quarky, loyal, incredibly lovingly, and genuine. They are the warm heart of to the groups. Steve would be Zach. Initially, scared to try new things, but in his element, blossoms into a vivacious personality. The cautiouneer of the group. Elliot would be Eugene. The slightly vain philosophical savant who won't turn down a whiskey. The lovable rebel of the group.
typetrouble (22 days ago)
"I AM THE ONE" killed me
Ahmed Yassin (22 days ago)
you looked like the person who melted in robocop XD
TALOR HALL (22 days ago)
I own that underwear lol, it’s meundies
Ariel Bridges (22 days ago)
I have not laughed at a video that hard in AGES. OMFG my stomach hurts!
Kaitlyn Chiostri (22 days ago)
10/10 please do again
Maggie Lee (22 days ago)
steve when they were all in the stocking looked like an oblivion character
Casey Morgan (22 days ago)
how is this not trending?
Angel Solakov (22 days ago)
I wish I could subscribe again :D
Lay Mace (22 days ago)
did..did i just witness a birth?
Hunter Straight (22 days ago)
What's your Christmas HWISSH? (I hope this show gets combined with Santa Steve, someday, somehow!)
Bryan Curiel (22 days ago)
When did Steve start turning into Boy George?
Lindsey P. (22 days ago)
Literally cry laughing 😂
Kelsey McMullen (22 days ago)
elliott looked like he was stuck in a spiderweb lol
Olivia Parsons (22 days ago)
Absolutely loved this Cried from laughing so hard
Wade Danielson (22 days ago)
My chest hurts from laughing so hard! Also Elliot's face while in the suit will haunt my dreams...
Lauren Charney (22 days ago)
are... are the allosexuals ok???
szyndlarella (22 days ago)
More of this
Scott Lechleiter (22 days ago)
Make musical instruments out of the Wish items that are least like musical instruments ^^
JackiHamm (22 days ago)
Between this and Grace’s IG stories, I’m seeing so much half naked Elliott this week. 😂😂😂
U Tubby (22 days ago)
Hey guys. I havent seen you lot since the SF days, had no idea what you were all up to. Was nice to randomly come across this thing, and I had to comment to say this - I really feel like Ive seen a lot of stuff, I have become surprisingly numb to a range of things, I wont go into specifics, but Im sure you get the idea. I actually had a pleasant moment watching this, as I got the feeling of “WT actually F am I looking at” for the first time in a long time. So thank you! That was hilarious and weird. Glad you are all still alive ^^/
ceilidhx3 (22 days ago)
Everyone buy the strangest item from a certain category (like beauty or tech) or dollar amount, and argue for their item in front of a guest judge.
Jerry Xie (22 days ago)
Alison Jenkins (22 days ago)
i havent laughed that hard in a while
Hoa N (22 days ago)
Kindest regards from Hank Green of the vlogbrothers who sent me here!
OmniCausticInfidel (22 days ago)
man thaT was aamzing
katie steph (22 days ago)
new favorite show
Brandon H (22 days ago)
peepee the frog.
Justin Tucker (22 days ago)
Elliot and Steve in that body stocking looked like the were trapped between dimensions.
Rowan Quinn (22 days ago)
Wasn't expecting to watch y'all birth yourselves.. 🤣🤣🤣
Aaron Mawdsley (22 days ago)
Brilliant idea lmao, Definitely a musical instrument episode featuring the one and only #1 obnoxious musical instrument fan, Mike Falzone.
buchholtz07 (22 days ago)
Naturally Elliott opts to take his shirt off for this hahaha
River Snow (22 days ago)
7:30-7:36 is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my whole life!
STEEVEWES (22 days ago)
This is turning like cowchop Amazon prime time and I love it !
admers (22 days ago)
I didn't even know you guys had a channel together!!! I used to watch sourcefed and you guys were the best. When I saw you on the react channel I almost SCREAMED!!!!

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