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Queen - Live (At the Wembley Stadium, 1986) Full Show, 480p

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Queen - Live Show, 16 songs Quality: 480p ----------------------------------------------- - FULL CONCERT - Quality: 480p (Upscaled) When: 1986 Where: Wembley Stadium, London, UK (England, United Kingdom, Great Britain) SETLIST: 01 - One Vision 01:11 02 - Tie Your Mother Down 05:50 03 - In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited 10:00 04 - Seven Seas of Rhye (Shortened version with Liar riff outro) 12:25 05 - Tear It Up (Shortened version) 13:45 06 - A Kind of Magic 16:03 07 - Under Pressure 22:40 08 - Another One Bites the Dust 28:19 09 - Who Wants to Live Forever 34:20 10 - I Want to Break Free 38:29 11 - Impromptu - 42:05 12 - Guitar Solo 45:00 13 - Now I’m Here 54:10 14 - Love of My Life 01:00:39 15 - Is This the World We Created 01:05:21 16 - (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care (Elvis Presley cover) 01:08:19 17 - Hello Mary Lou (Gene Pitney cover) 1:09:54 18 - Tutti Frutti (Little Richard cover) 01:11:45 19 - Gimme Some Lovin' (The Spencer Davis Group cover) 01:15:10 20 - Bohemian Rhapsody 01:16:04 21 - Hammer to Fall 01:21:55 22 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love 01:27:52 23 - Big Spender (Cy Coleman cover) 01:33:30 24 - Radio Ga Ga 01:34:36 25 - We Will Rock You 01:40:40 26 - Friends Will Be Friends 01:43:28 27 - We are the Champions 01:45:34 28 - God Save the Queen (Thomas Augustine Arne cover) 01:49:33 ************ STAY HEAVY and ROCK ON! \m/ For MORE fantastic music, please SUBSCRIBE! And don't forget - THUMBS UP! ************ #Queen #Freddie #Brian #Mercury #May #Wembley Stadium
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Text Comments (311)
Meadowlark music (7 months ago)
A million billion times thank you for this upload....absolutely brilliant!!
MumusRevengeE (7 months ago)
mj was better here
Jeremy Krane (7 months ago)
admit it: you came for 24:30
Melanie Nagy (7 months ago)
I have this on CD crank up the stereo and imagine you're there. Brilliant. 😊😊😊
thxalex (7 months ago)
Rest in peace the great Freddie Mercury!!
thxalex (7 months ago)
Legend status achieved
nicksixer (7 months ago)
Freddie seems to know he's great but it almost appears that even he didn't understand how truly great he actually was
Latke Riot (7 months ago)
They couldn't get arrested in America after around 1982 and then played Sun City which everyone conveniently forgets. These guys were pariahs, and the only reason that the Live Aid set went so well is because everyone figured them for dead and were surprised at how well they performed. They supported apartheid. And that's a fact. So fuck them.
Latke Riot (7 months ago)
AND they couldn't play Bohemian Rhapsody without backing tapes. Why should I be impressed by this?
ONLY DBZ (7 months ago)
Hubiese sido grandioso i want it all y headlong en concierto
CosmicPizza13 (7 months ago)
1:40:52 I just love how Freddie is acting like a little kid with a super hero cape on
James Tierney (7 months ago)
Is there a greater rock band than this, who can put on a better show than these guys?
Catalina Pellicer (7 months ago)
Two hours singing and his voice sounds louder and more spectacular than ever. Freddie seems from another planet, we do not deserve it, so he had to leave so soon. I'm sure it has not existed and there will not be a better showman than him. What a privilege to listen to this band in its heyday. Each of them made a glorious band.
Ethan Taube (7 months ago)
Spike Edney the unsung hero of Queen. His addition to the band was great just like when Billy Preston joined the Beatles
eduardo oliveira (7 months ago)
Brazil loves you forever
jimmy donohue (7 months ago)
Annette Knaggs is my little girl
Luke Schembri (7 months ago)
2 minutes of music heaven. Long live Queen <3
Chase Barrett (7 months ago)
Yes yes yes here come the goosebumps
Chase Barrett (7 months ago)
Right fucking on
Tommy Culver (7 months ago)
Nothing short of amazing. Debatably the best rock band the wold has ever known. I honestly have chills! How lucky we are that these four men found each other and created this art. We certainly were treated to the perfect storm of talent! 🤘❤️ 👑
La madre de todos los conciertos. Wembley 86'
Courtney Jones (7 months ago)
I actually cried at the end of the Bohemian Rhapsody film because I will never experience what those people experienced at Wembley :((
RomáRio Oliveira (7 months ago)
brasil, novembro 2018, like
ugur ozdemir (7 months ago)
yagui popular (7 months ago)
love of my life is a great and beautiful composicion the history of rock balads.mercury genius👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😇😇😇😇
roger rodriguez (7 months ago)
Estos si son conciertos carajo
Voda 789 (7 months ago)
1:28:51 very nice voice crack. I think, maybe
Beulah Soliguen (7 months ago)
360 spin of deacky 😍😘 Queen always be 1️⃣ ♥️
Zyta (7 months ago)
i love roger backing vocal on tear it up...
Angus Mcleod (7 months ago)
I always thought Mr Schneebly from School of Rock should have emphasised Queen... I mean come on... we will Rock you!
Roland Sampouw (7 months ago)
Thank you for uploading this.
Imane T (7 months ago)
Brian looks like a sweet adorable man i d die to meet him ❤
eve (7 months ago)
Wish I was there...such an iconic concert. Got goosebumps just listening to all the marvelous songs. Especially Freddie Mercury legendary stance and gifted vocals . Rest in peace Freddie ..
Matsa Sarra (7 months ago)
What is Brian saying when he gets to speak?
Critical Point (7 months ago)
1:30:00 When Freddie burnt his head. Lol
Saghs (7 months ago)
At 1:30:00 Freddie was smokin hot, literally 😄 Love it!
Allan Gregor Bulos (7 months ago)
1:02:36 man on the right having the time of his life
Ann Jela (7 months ago)
almost 2 hours of music, no back up dancers, no anything just pure music and incredible talent... kodus mighty QUEEN. we missed u FREDDIE thanks for sharing ur talent to us, a fan from Philippines since birth.😍😍😍
Tim george (7 months ago)
Sure miss Freddy and the boys
sm ssgoth (7 months ago)
Life is a bitch This man deserve to live forever the fuck!!!!!! want to shoot my self every time i remember that he is gone. Wich that it's you Freddie who will open to me the doors of the paradise one day. I'm waiting.
ALVA LOKURA (7 months ago)
Phoebe 7513 (7 months ago)
I was born in 90, and if I was a boy I was destined to be named Freddie. I used to watch this and the Greatest Hits II VHS as a toddler, absolutely ingrained into me.
Sezza's Podcast (7 months ago)
Phoebe 7513 add me on insta :)
Adriana Anselmo Davila (7 months ago)
El mejor por los siglos de los siglos !!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👑
Dawgy Jones (7 months ago)
I'm here to see what was so special...well to my surprise they put on a hell of a concert!!
kathleen cauchi (7 months ago)
Your a KING for uploading this |!!!!
Potato is dead (7 months ago)
God said let there be music, and rock music came. Then he said, let there be a musician to play the music, then Freddie was born. 😂
Chris Cooke (7 months ago)
mendez (7 months ago)
I was there, unbelievable 🤘
Femke de Wals (7 months ago)
¨We´re gonna stay together untill we f*cking will die, i´m sure of it¨ 33:50 And they did! <3
mondigheid (7 months ago)
What a great band, but what a lousy video registration! Too many shots. What does the drummer look like? He is only to be seen in the middel section. For the rest he is only seen from behind.
Odessa Flores (8 months ago)
To bad they didn't get to play in the super bowl.
bejo r (8 months ago)
01:40:40 Coment just want skip to that 😀
Afifah Ahmed (8 months ago)
Bohemian rhapsody a best movie legendary
Surlei Francisca (8 months ago)
Insuportável de bom😍
zakedavis (8 months ago)
this show was better more epic than live aid. thanks mans, greetings from Argentina
Manish Chauhan Bunny (8 months ago)
The Legend Freddie Mercury RIP - Rock In Paradise 🤘
pete doherty (8 months ago)
Hazel Largavista (8 months ago)
It's not just Band but a family <3 <3 Queen is really amazing 😍
Ian Cairns (8 months ago)
Who are the fuck heads who have given this a thumbs down???
Leah Clopton (8 months ago)
It’s so mesmerizing watching the hands clapping to radio ga ga at 1:37:48
Manuel ppp (8 months ago)
God save the Queen!! (the band) the other one i don't give AF :)
inisial R (8 months ago)
01:00:39 Freddy really believes in his guitar players
Tina Stanbaugh (8 months ago)
They put on such a great show! It would have been amazing to be there live!
ryan gutierrez (8 months ago)
Queen....is the true King!!!
Jeffrey Tyler (8 months ago)
Lap of the gods and Sevens seas of rhye are so great here. The rest, too! Freddie forever. Thanks for that!
Gosia Szkatulska (8 months ago)
I'm so in love with Brian!
Pkp (8 months ago)
Thank you for this 💖 #Legend
Klebson (8 months ago)
Daqui onde estou dá pra sentir a energia desse show, imagina quem esteve lá.Muito bom!
JMOC (8 months ago)
No le creo al que dice que Queen no le gusta o es malo
andy estrella velasquez (8 months ago)
espectacular !
Nora Sutiono (8 months ago)
Thank you to share this... this group is legendary, so unique and powerful... the songs will be good forever... it can tell the story by itself..
Victor Sergent (8 months ago)
Bryan May is marvelous
이윤정 (8 months ago)
이공연 누가 설명좀 ...^^
Marco Valdez (8 months ago)
mario cre (8 months ago)
****** READY FREDDY ****** I don´t like rami malek ! I like FARROKH BULSARA !!! BEST SHOW EVER !
MartinSatyen (8 months ago)
Top that opening!!!! "....Fried Chicken!" 🐓 😁👍🏻
Nicole Bernal (8 months ago)
Lo maximo
Hassel Oficial (8 months ago)
EdisonRivas2011 (8 months ago)
Que espectáculo se nota que Freddy amaba lo que hacía y entregaba todo en sus conciertos.
Dipayan Halder (8 months ago)
The song Bohemian Rhapsody is a pure magic😍😍....Thank you Freddie and Queen for this masterpiece and everything💓💕❤️💖
Cleilton França (8 months ago)
Watching in 2018 lol
madz maaba (8 months ago)
Surlei Francisca (8 months ago)
Uma lenda ,pra sempre fã 😍
ivan zlatanov (8 months ago)
Who disliked this? I will find you and i will kill you. :D
juan Garcia Llorca (8 months ago)
Ian Melia (8 months ago)
I remember watching this as a 10 year old kid with my dad! I'm sat watching it now with my 10 ,year old son!!! it truly is the best concert ever absolutely timeless!!!!! My son loves it too haha get in!!!!!!!
Bill Clarkson (8 months ago)
a true rock god, gone but not forgotten
sofhia Deguzman (8 months ago)
We don't deserve them.
Stephen Mejia (8 months ago)
Freddy Legend
LastxFire (7 months ago)
1:03:35 I still love you ... A message for the love of his life.
Rodrigo Cid (8 months ago)
Such energy!! Full adrenaline!!
Tony Mortera (8 months ago)
I just watch bohemian rapsody movie Freddie you are a legend thanks for upload this amazing video
Lillian Bb (8 months ago)
Drew Butler (8 months ago)
good vid
Paloma Palacios (8 months ago)
Qué daría por haber estado ahí ❤️😭
*Sergio_690* (8 months ago)
por fin veo alguien que habla español :v
buckgirl2 (8 months ago)
I was only three years old when this espectacular show happend, but I'm so lucky to have the chance to watch over and over again now, thanks!!!! Queen forever!!!
Christophe Remacle (8 months ago)
Amazing. The best. The legend.
Akmal Rafsanjani (8 months ago)
Queen is King
Ann Williams (8 months ago)
Wow thank you so much for uploading this. Legend in action
B Maximus (8 months ago)
1:29:59 he's literally smoking. 😍😍😍

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